KQ FELLAZ 2: Encouragement for students

KQ FELLAZ 2” supported the candidates ahead of the 2023 school aptitude test.

On the afternoon of November 16, KQ Entertainment released “‘2023 수능 응원 영상” by trainee group “KQ FELLAZ 2” on its official YouTube channel.

MINJAE, JUNMIN, SUMIN, JINSIK, HYUNWOO, JUNGHOON, SEEUN, HUNTER, YOOJOON, and YECHAN, who appeared with strong greetings, said, “The 2023 Korean college Entrance Exam is already fast approaching on Thursday, November 17.”

All the candidates who have prepared hard for a long time have worked very hard. We hope you will not be nervous and show your skills as much as you have prepared.“, adding advice “We hope you will succeed. Don’t forget to bring your ID card, groceries and wear warm clothes as it is much colder.

KQ FELLAZ 2“, which provided strong energy saying, “We will support all contestants to achieve the results they want“, is approaching its official debut, it caught the attention of fans worlds of K-pop with spectacular performances at the “KCON 2022 Japan” stage in Tokyo in October.

KQ FELLAZ 2” is on the preview stage while participating in ATEEZ’sTHE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL” tour in their America tour.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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