KANTO: 12 tracks for his 1st album

Rapper KANTO reveals the titles of his new album.

It is with a publication on his SNS that the artist KANTO presents to us the list of titles that will compose his 1st album named “CELEBRATION”.

Among these, we discover the main title “세레머니 (Celebration)“, but also “Trip”,왜 이리 (Feat. Verbal Jint)“, “바닐라 스카이 (Vanila sky)“, “Rap designer“, “Sun is down (Feat Park Hong)“, “Celebration Interlude“, “Tryna”,Bluffing (feat Zksxh)“, “베테랑 (feat. Deepflow, Anadelight, Minus)“, “임대문의” and “Blood”.

In the photo that illustrates this publication we discover the artist seated on an old medical chair, connected to various devices such as bags of serums, an oxygen bottle and other objects such as a defibrillator, while being blocked by a straitjacket of strength.

The context reminds us to ask ourselves questions about the message that KANTO wishes to convey through this. Is there a meaning that he would have been restrained, forced, preventing him from expressing himself? Or that a certain madness awaits him?

KANTO’s 1st album will be released on November 23.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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