TEEN TOOP: An ever-present friendship

On November 18, a friendship photo between CHUNJI, RICKY, and C.A.P, supposedly “틴탑 군필즈 (Teen Top Military Fields),” was posted on TEENT TOP’s official Instagram.


The three members showed their faces to fans by posting friendship photos taken in military uniforms to commemorate leader C.A.P‘s release from military service. Additionally, the members posted a proof photo to their official Instagram Story on the 9th before posting their friendship photos to commemorate their release, giving fans spoilers for the friendship photo shoot.

Leader C.A.P on November 16 raised fans’ expectations by announcing the news of the opening of the “Bang Min-soo 2022 [first diary]” chat room. C.A.P will welcome fans who have been waiting for his release from the army throughout an event. “Bang Min-soo 2022 [first diary]” room will be held in two episodes on December 9 and 10, and each episode will be filled with small conversations with fans and stories that TEEN TOP’s C.A.P wanted to tell fans directly.


CHUNJI and RICKY also thanked fans for coming to see them at a solo fan meeting in March and August, right after their discharge from the military.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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