ATEEZ: First teasers for « Paradigm »!

On November 28 and 29, two teasers for the new song « Paradigm » were released on ATEEZ SNS.

After unveiling in recent weeks various photo concepts and the tracklist of its third Japanese mini-album, ATEEZ released two teasers for the music video of its Japanese title track « Paradigm ». 

In this first teaser, ATEEZ present, in a black-and-white universe, extremely elaborate visuals reminiscent of concept photos unveiled at the beginning of the month. This first teaser deeply intrigued fans by remaining mysterious on the group’s new Japanese title track. Thus, this first extract ends on YEOSANG, in color this time, whispering « Someone calls my name… Wake me up » before disappearing into a halo of light. This bluish decor is strongly reminiscent of « Say my name », the title track of the group’s second mini-album, increasing the expectation around this long-awaited mini-album.

In the teaser released today, fans can discover an excerpt from the chorus of « Paradigm » and an excerpt from the latter’s choreography. This hypnotizing new choreography fits perfectly with the atmosphere of « Paradigm ». A title draws inspiration from the pop and electro genre to give a memorable song to ATEEZ universe. This new title track perfectly reflects the concept of « THE WORLD EP. PARADIGM », which is to depict an image of ATEEZ seeking to shatter the world trapped in something invisible to point it into a new light.

Finally, ATEEZ will release its album « THE WORLD EP. PARADIGM » on November 30 at midnight KST.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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