YG ENTERTAINMENT: The “Project your side” is announced

YG Entertainment announced on November 29 that they will be releasing “PROJECT YOUR SIDE” to bring everyone closer to culture.

YG Entertainment will host “Project Your Side” at the Wanju Urban Culture Support Center in Samrye-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do for three days from December 2 to 4. Various programs will be organized, including a concert-debate with singer SEAN, an icon, a dance workshop with the popular dance group YGX Crew, and a music exhibition where you can feel and experience the music of YG Entertainment with your five senses.

Project Your Side” is a cultural event to actively share experiences and opportunities of pop culture content focused in the Seoul metropolitan area. This is the first new social contribution activity to be introduced since the renewal of the “YG WITH” campaign. It was designed to “spread cultural experiences so that everyone can directly enjoy a rich culture anywhere“.

YG Entertainment said, “We will take the lead in filling the cultural gap and increasing opportunities for young people to enjoy culture by providing various exhibitions and lectures for them to enjoy the pop culture content created by YG Entertainment in the region.

The “YG WITH Campaign” is a business contribution campaign, and since 2009, some of the profits from albums, products and performances have been donated to society, and various donations, volunteer activities and social contribution projects have been carried out. With the new slogan “LET NOBODY BE ALONE” in 2022, the “YG WITH” campaign will be renewed and the activities for a society where no one is left behind will be further expanded.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS YG Entertainment

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