BLANK2Y: Confirmation of a comeback

Boy group BLANK2Y will wrap up the long run of the K2Y trilogy.

On the morning of November 30, its agency Keystone Entertainment said, BLANK2Y will release a new album in February next year. The new album is an album that concludes the K2Y trilogy, and you can feel the colorful charm of BLANK2Y, which is will return with more performance and charm.”

Earlier, BLANK2Y unveiled the heart-shaped word “Whistle” at the end of the music video for “FUEGO (Burn it up)” released in August, sparking curiosity and interest from many fans.


In his debut album “K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up],” he caught the attention of fans at home and abroad with its ambition to “instill confidence in tired people around the world,” and in “K2Y II: Passion [FUEGO],” he was diving into a global trend with tireless passion.

BLANK2Y will continue to prepare for this return with various national and international performances.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KEYSTONE Entertainment

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