WAYV: The first image teasers of TEN, XIAOJUN and YANGYANG

WAYV announced a few days earlier its comeback with a 4th mini-album bearing the name “PHANTOM”. The latter being scheduled for December 9, 2022, the first image teasers were unveiled today.


WAYV is the Chinese sub-unit of NCT Group, which was founded by SM ENTERTAINMENT in 2016. The sub-unit members, meanwhile, debuted in 2019, with the first mini album “TAKE OFF”. The members are seven in number; KUN (leader), WINWIN, TEN, LUCAS (on break, the agency has not communicated his return for the moment), HENDERY, XIAOJUN and finally YANGYANG.

Today, following the announcement of the comeback schedule for “PHANTOM”, the first photo teasers were released. We were therefore entitled to a total of 9 image teasers, three for TEN, three others for XIAOJUN, and finally three more for YANGYANG. The images seem to reveal the mood that the entire album will hold, dark colors and a mystical atmosphere, fitting perfectly with the name of the album meaning “ghost” or “spirit” depending on the translations.


The group’s comeback was announced on November 22, making fans’ joy skyrocket at the same time. Indeed, WAYV had not released an album since 2021, with the latest “KICK BACK“. Although the sub-unit has released tracks through NCT’s 2021 album “UNIVERSE” (specifically, the song “Miracle”), an album in which all of NCT’s units are united into a single album, WAYV hadn’t had its own comeback since last year.

More image teasers will be revealed in the coming days, as well as the clip teaser, until December 9th!

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WAYV

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