GOT7 : MAMA 2022, « Music makes one »

GOT7 wins Worldwide Fans’ Choice Award.


The MAMA 2022 was held on November 29, 2022 at the Osaka Kyocera Dome in Japan. On the occasion of the ceremony, many groups and artists were present and performed on stage.

This South Korean ceremony organized every year aims to reward K-pop groups and artists in various categories.

Each award highlights the artists’ musical and artistic talents. Awards for singing, dancing, performing, musical and artistic creativity and originality. Awards that reward the artists and groups as well as their community.

The decision of the winners is entirely up to the fans around the world. The public is the first and only judge to choose and rate the performances of the artists they follow and support.

After weeks of voting, the voting ended a few hours before the ceremony, allowing fans to watch an incredible show before discovering the winners of each award.

Various performances, artist solos and collaborations enlivened the ceremony before the results were announced.

GOT7 was nominated as a group, but was not counted among the artists present at the event due to the solo activities of each member.

The iGOT7, the official fandom of GOT7, was present to support the group and the artists.

After the votes were counted and the performances were closed, GOT7 was named the winner of the “Worldwide fans choice” award as the group that demonstrated their international influence despite the members’ activities.

The boys shared a video after the announcement of their win thanking iGOT7 for their support and attendance. The group unveiled an all-GOT7 slogan to its fandom accompanied by the group’s number and sign “7” logo. ” Music Makes One ” reminded iGOT7 of the uniqueness of the band members and their fans, emphasizing that they are one and the same and that it is the music that binds them together.

A touching message from the band to their community.

Congratulations to GOT7 and iGOT7.

Journalist: Kass
Sources : MAMA 2022

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