BLANK2Y: A year of donations has been launched

The boy group BLANK2Y will organize a special donation campaign.

Keystone Entertainment said on the morning of December 2, BLANK2Y will host the MD Donation campaign. The project is expected to visit fans in various ways from December to the end of next year in exchange for the support and love sent by domestic and foreign fans.

From December to the end of next year, BLANK2Y will expand and launch a global donation campaign with numerous institutions and companies to sell limited-edition MD packages including hoodies, season calendars, photo cards, undisclosed polaroid photos and bags. All proceeds from MD sales will be donated to local children’s centers through the Department of Health and Welfare.

First, a cinema event with BLANK2Y, which marks the 200th day of its debut on December 9, will be held through a lottery for pre-purchasers from December 2 as the first donation, and details will be announced on the official BLANK2Y fan cafe.

BLANK2Y, which debuted in May this year, is gaining attention as a “fourth-generation rising boy group” by releasing two albums this year, touring overseas such as Japan and Uzbekistan, and showing his skills on different stages like Korean Wave Fair in Vietnam and Mokoji Korea in Malaysia.

BLANK2Y is currently recording an album for its comeback in February next year and will continue various domestic and overseas performances and promotions for the K2YWE fandom.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KEYSTONE Entertainment

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