TO1: A “Blah blah” video, special World Cup

Group TO1 almost caused heart attacks in fans thanks to a very close camera in “blah blah”.


“Blip”, which receives warm response from K-pop fans, attracts attention by posting TO1 performance video, which adds warmth to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, on its official YouTube channel December 2.

Blah blah“, in which TO1 participated, is content that features various concept performances adapted to the color and timeliness of the artist, with a “very close camera” that provides images of the artists through close-up shots high definition.

In the “Blah blah” video released, TO1 presented a “World Cup” version of the performance, to cheer on their national team. Fans especially expressed a lot of interest in the never-before-seen concept, saying, “It’s so cute with those soccer uniforms” and “World Cup version of ice ddeng.” Responding enthusiastically.

Even after the release of the main episode, “Blip” posts various follow-up videos through its official YouTube channel. Additionally, when purchasing a new TO1 album at Blabla Market, one of the nine undisclosed photo cards in the “Blah blah” video is randomly provided, resulting in an explosive response from fans. (

Meanwhile, “Blip” is a brand created for fans by Space Oddity, a music startup that serves fans’ needs through apps, marketplaces and YouTube operations. The blip app is a K-pop schedule notification app that has achieved remarkable results since its official launch in June last year, ranking first in the Google Play Lifestyle category. Blip Market sells a variety of merchandise and fan albums that make being a fan easier.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Space Oddity

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