ATEEZ: A soundtrack for a new Netflix animated series

The soundtrack of “Lookism” sung by ATEEZ was released today.

At 12 p.m. KST today, ATEEZ‘s agency KQ Entertainment said, “Now you can enjoy the soundtrack ‘Like that‘ of the Netflix anime series ‘Lookism’ sung by ATEEZ.

Park Tae Joon’s webtoon “Lookism”, which was serialized on Naver and gained a lot of popularity, was animated on Netflix. The hero who was bullied at school because of his physique, once got the perfect look.

In response, the soundtrack “Like that“, which ATEEZ sings to increase viewers’ immersion, is a pop genre song that says a new world opens up when lyrics such as “Look up and win a new day” linger in your ears.


In particular, ATEEZ, who has already been part of the world tour with “THE FELLOWSHIP (BREAK THE WALL)” world tour, recorded the title with all their enthusiasm and sincerity despite their busy schedules.

ATEEZ has challenged itself with a first soundtrack “Let’s get together” from Naver NOW’s original drama “Mimicus”, while its lead singer JONGHO is selected as an artist for the soundtrack of TVING’s original web entertainment “Young actors retreat” with “Youth fairytale” as well as JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich” performing the title “Gravity.” As a result, JONGHO and ATEEZ have been active in various fields and gaining attention as they return as emerging soundtrack singers due to the announcement of their fourth soundtrack this year alone.

The Netflix anime series “Lookism” with the soundtrack “Like that” sung by ATEEZ will be available on music sites from 12 p.m. today, and ATEEZ will continue its world tour in Japan from 11 to 12 then next year in Europe.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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