Thursday, September 28, 2023

KIM SUNG KYU: A new solo concert

KIM SUNG KYU will give a solo concert.

The agency, Double H TNE, released a teaser poster on its official SNS at midnight on December 25 with news of singer KIM SUNG KYU‘s solo “LV” concert.

The published poster features a unique shape with three rings densely filled with the phrase “LIKE YOUR VIBES” superimposed on the background of a strong color gradient.

According to the poster, the concert title “LV” is short for “Like your Vibe”, and KIM SUNG KYU‘s latest solo concert “LV” contains the meaning of “Light & Voice“, raising expectations for the concert which will be filled with the charming voice of KIM SUNG KYU through different performances.

Detailed information about KIM SUNG KYU‘s “LV” solo concert will be released later.

KIM SUNG KYU, who recently successfully concluded his 10th anniversary fan meeting “THE TEN” in Korea, Taiwan and Japan, will appear as a judge on JTBC’s new audition program “Peak Time,” whose the premiere is scheduled for February 2023.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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