8TURN: The official logo

The name of the group and its logo unveiled.

MNH Entertainment has just released a “logo motion” video for its new boy group on its SNS.

The logo, which first reveals a beam of light, then forms the number “8” which will be flattened, giving the sign of infinity. Then it will be accompanied by the name of the group 8TURN, pronounced “eight turn“.

MNH Entertainment previously unveiled the faces of the group’s various members, Ji Myungho, Moon Jaeyun, Yang Minho, Cho Yoonsung, Jung Haemin, Cho Kyungmin, Lee Yungyu, and Lee Seungheon.

With the video, the agency publishes the various links to follow the group on its own SNS:

Facebook: 8TURN

Fans are therefore waiting for further information in order to be able to discover the first activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS MNH Entertainment

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