GOT7: YUGYEOM makes a breezy comeback with single “Ponytail”.

YUGYEOM is back with a new breezy single “Ponytail” featuring rapper SIK-K.

The “Ponytail” single cover

The wait is finally over. Months after the release of his double single “Take You Down”, dancer and singer K-R&B YUGYEOM is back with a brand-new song “Ponytail” featuring South Korean rapper SIK-K. Taking over his own and his company’s SNS account, YUGYEOM revealed surprise concept photos and music video teasers starting on December 26th to announce the release of his upcoming single. It is his third release under the label.

Produced by AOMG beatmaker and rapper GRAY, the single captures a new essence, a new sound for the singer, one fans may have heard hints of in the 2021 collaboration “Love The Way” with JAY PARK and PUNCHNELLO.

The “Ponytail” single released on January 2nd features both rapper SIK-K and producer GRAY.

YUGYEOM and SIK-K can be seen wearing jet-black outfits with silver details, matching the group of red-headed pony tailed dancers and their black and white-silver leotards.

In a very noughties aesthetic, the music video portrays both artists and their dancers in a wide empty space. Through an intense play on camera angles and the dimensions of a 4:3 screen, the video brings a sharp and amusing contrast between the forefront and the background. Much like in TLC’s “No Scrubs” or the Jackson siblings’ “Scream” music videos, YUGYEOM embraces Y2K trends in his own way – mixing timeless haircuts and fashionable clothing.

The punchy, groovy beat and its heavy bass does not only compliment the sounds of trumpets, but it is also a catchy laid-back R&B track with sensuous vocals that sounds quite right for the summer.

The song swiftly swept fans’ off their feet, reaching the top 10 in charts worldwide. They also took over social media under the hashtag #YUGYEOM_PONYTAIL to share their excitement and favorite bits of this new release.

It has been a busy couple of years for rising K-R&B superstar YUGYEOM. Following the end of his contract at JYP Entertainment, the latter joined the top-notch K-Hip-Hop and K-R&B label AOMG. He then released his very first solo EP “POINT OF VIEW: U” which quickly earned fans and critics praise. Rising at the top of the charts, this album has set high expectations all the while arousing fans and casual listeners, leaving them waiting for more. Prior to “Ponytail”, he also joined his GOT7 bandmates in the six-part record “GOT7” headlined by title track “NA NA NA

2022 has also been a year of new journeys for the K-R&B singer as he embarked on his very first solo tour, with stops all across Europe, Asia, and a couple of festival performances.

With each and every of his solo releases, YUGYEOM propelled himself up as a soon-to-be powerhouse of the K-R&B scene, highlighting his skills and sense of musicality. As an ever-growing artist, the singer is best described by journalist Natasha Mulenga in her NME’s EP review :

YUGYEOM is using his newfound freedom to assert his independence and make a clear statement about the type of the artist he wants to be.

While many are looking forward to his next steps, the singer is set to embark on an upcoming world tour with AOMG bandmates, LOCO, GRAY, LEE HI and SIMON DOMINIC which is set to kick off in Asia. A way to meet fans from across the world and start the year with a bang! 

You can find the single “Ponytail” and its music video here: LINK

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