Saturday, September 30, 2023
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SF9: A powerful comeback

SF9 is back with a 12th mini-album, “[THE PIECE OF9]” on this day, January 9, 2023.

JAEYOON, DAWON, ROWOON, ZUHO, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG and CHANI present their new and 12th mini-album, six months after their last comeback. A radical change in style, whether it be dress or music. Indeed, Scream” was very “summer vibes” and very colorful but “Puzzle” is much darker and the boys are dressed as detectives, secret agents. The mini-album consists of 6 songs: “Puzzle” (the title song), “Love colour,” “New world”, “Fighter”, “… (Tight)” and finally “Stay with me”. All the songs were composed by one or more members of the band.

However, INSEONG and YOUNGBIN are once again not present for this comeback since they are currently in full military service. However this does not prevent them from showing their support, so that the leader YOUNGBIN, during one of his permissions, came to visit the members during the shooting of the MV.

The showcase begins with the brief presentation of the album and the band by the MC, then the boys come on stage to perform their title song “Puzzle” for us. They stay on stage to greet the journalists, introduce themselves one by one briefly, then they give way to the second performance, “Love colour”.  Then, at the end of this second performance, we have the right to the screening of the MV of the title song. After all this, the boys pass under the photographers’ flash for the solo photo shoot then group.

At the end of the photo shoot, the boys sit down in front of the journalists and begin their explanations of the album then later lend themselves to the question and answer game. They explain to us that in six months they have been very busy, both with respect to the promotion of their last comeback but also with their tour. In addition it is the first comeback of ROWOON in a while since he was busy with the shooting of his drama, the latter could also be present during the concerts.

The MC then asks the boys to present the “key” movement of the choreography and it is CHANI and TAEYANG who stick to it. The MC later wanted to also learn this movement and then they danced all three while the others sang.  We noticed that ROWOON did not dance during all the performance of “Puzzle” due to its back problems that appeared a few years ago in order to surely preserve it.

The title of the album as well as the title of the main song are a metaphor for the importance of each member of the band. Indeed, each member is a piece of the puzzle that forms the group and when one is missing, it is incomplete. Each member has its importance for all but also for the composition of songs, styles etc. Since they pay attention to each color of each member for a perfect harmony.

ZUHO talks about the fact that YOUNGBIN often comes to visit them when the latter has permissions as when he came during the concert in Seoul, or during the shooting or during the anniversary of the group or members. Even if they left for military service YOUNGBIN and INSEONG make sure to take news quite often and try as best as possible to visit the members.

The boys for this new album wanted to show again a different style and colors, since, as they explain, each of them has a different color, a different style.  Therefore, it is important for them that everyone can express themselves fully at each comeback. It was around a Korean barbecue that the boys sat down to discuss fully and more relaxed, on the concept, the style they would like to bring for this last comeback.

It has been a while for ROWOON that he did not participate in the group activities and he is very happy to find them. He was also very impressed as the members have evolved tremendously and are even more talented than before. He was looking forward to it, as well as the media showcase and especially the one with the fans since he is more than delighted to be able to meet the fans and to be on stage.

JAEYOON greatly appreciated his participation in the musical he made recently. For him was totally new and so different than performing on stage with his band. That was quite a challenge he enjoyed doing.

It is on these words that the press conference ends and the boys thank the journalists for their presence and they hope that the fans and journalists will love the comeback and support them.

Word from our reporter: “I really enjoyed this new comeback and especially this new concept that goes wonderfully to boys. They were very charismatic and as always I really liked the timing and coordination of these. It was a very pleasant time.”

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène

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