DRIPPIN: A successful fan meeting in Taipei

The group DRIPPIN captivated Taiwan.

More than 40 local media outlets, including Taiwan’s mainstream media, Free Times, China Times, ETtoday, and Nownews, widely reported the news of DRIPPIN’s visit to Taiwan.

DRIPPIN went to Taipei on January 7 for a performance, the “2023 DRIPPIN 1st FAN MEETING in Taipei”, a first solo fan meeting in Taiwan.

Prior to the fan meeting, DRIPPIN held an interview with local media as well as a fan signing event on January 6. Amid feverish media coverage, local media rushed to report DRIPPIN’s interviews, further realizing the group’s strong global popularity, emerging as the next generation Hallyu leader.

Through this interview, DRIPPIN made a surprise content release of a variety of episodes that came together in preparation for the first fan meeting in Taiwan, raising expectations for the scene.

When asked if there was any food he wanted to try in Taiwan, he replied, “We want to taste famous Taiwanese dishes such as milk tea, castella, and zi-fi.” and chose the Taipei 101 tower as the place he wanted to go the most.

Finally, DRIPPIN said, “As a result of the COVID-19, we have started meeting foreign fans seriously since last year. In 2023, we hope to meet more fans from each country and work together,” adding comments. expectations for the world. Activities will take place in the new year, starting with this first Taiwan fan meeting.

DRIPPIN will release its second single “Hello Goodbye” in Japan on March 15 and begin its activities for the archipelago.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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