DKB: New version for the Lunar New Year

A special version of their title “Sober”.

The group DKB publishes on its YouTube channel a special video to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with a version “국악” of its title “Sober”.

It is outside and in front of a traditional building, that the members of the group DKB, in traditional outfits, also perform the performance of their title “Sober”.

Always keeping their own energy, E-CHAN, TEO, D1, GK, HEECHAN, LUNE, JUNSEO, YUKU, and HARRY JUNE perform perfectly, despite the cold temperatures in Korea.

After these few days of vacation, the group DKB of Brave Entertainment, trains and prepares for the rest of its activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube DKB

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