1, 2, 3 SEOLLAL: The Korean event in Lille

When Lille celebrates the Lunar New Year in the colors of South Korea.

This weekend of January 21 and 22, 2023, KSTATION TV was invited to participate in the 1, 2, 3 SEOLLAL event which took place in the north of France in Lille.

As a reminder, SEOLLAL is the celebration of the Lunar (Asian) New Year, and this year we are going under the sign of the rabbit.

For this event organized by K-France, an association, the gathering was done around Korea with different exhibitors who came to show you their passion, their art. We therefore find different stands of very popular Korean cosmetics, tattoo stands, others of food products, artisanal productions, …

With a program that has enabled as many people as possible to satisfy their passion.

During these two days, the participants were able to meet different personalities such as the Tiktokeur Hwi-Jae, the YouTuber Jake, the journalist Juliette Morillot specialist in North and South Korea, …

As for kpop fans, they were served by a large number of activities, with also a stand dedicated to music where they can find goodies and albums, but also the presence of the Army Mum’s association. It was on the main stage that fans were able to take part in a kpop quiz, a K-cosplay contest, a k-pop dance battle, a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) parade, a singing contest. ..

All this enhanced by performances from different kpop cover groups from the region, Nantes and more. With the management of this stage and the public by 2 MC with crazy energy allowing everyone to have a good time.

The most awaited event was of course the concert and the arrival of the singer GAHO for his very first stage in France. For those who don’t know who he is yet, one of his current titles that remains in many ears is the soundtrack of the drama “Itaewon class“, “Start”.

During this concert, and a little before, GAHO and the fans were able to exchange a few words and take some photos, which delighted more than one. We were able to hear a few comments as we left the room: “It’s the best day of my life“, “We were so close to him, I’m in heaven“, “Oh my god I don’t come back“. Suddenly the fans were already filled.

For those who would like to follow GAHO, you can find, among other things, the French fanbase on Instagram @gaho_kave_france, but also the Brazilian @brasilgaho, or on the official SNS of the artist @ad_gaho.

The Saturday evening ended with DJ WARS on the decks, enough to delight the fans still present and who wanted to party until the end. With extremely well-made music sequences, ranging from ATEEZ title “Halazia”, to NCT, STRAY KIDS, fans were eager to dance and jump. Their energy was still there.

We would like to congratulate the organization of this festival, for the general progress of this event. Congratulations and we say see you next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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