B.I: An Asian tour to be closer to the fans

B.I will visit Asian fans.

B.I will hold a 2023 Asian tour “L.O.L THE HIDDEN STAGE” in four Asian cities, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta and Singapore, in March.

Before that, a poster was released, signaling the start of a full-fledged journey. B.I, on the poster, raised expectations for the main performance by displaying a free spirit and an unparalleled atmosphere.

B.I, who announced her second performance, as well as fan meetings and concerts, with the 2022 ALL DAY SHOW “L.O.L: THE HIDDEN STAGE” in Seoul last December, will meet Asian fans in person this year.

Meanwhile, B.I launched his international album project “LOVE OR LOVED” in earnest last year and was adored by music fans around the world with his pre-released single “BTBT” and the title track of the album. EP album “Keep me up“. B.I‘s “L.O.L” project will continue in a variety of ways this year.

Along with the album project, the news of the performance where B.I‘s passionate energy can be felt adds to the expectation of fans. B.I’s global influence is expected to reach more people in 2023.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS B.I

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