ATEEZ: HONGJOONG and YUNHO draw attention with their DJ talents

HONGJOONG and YUNHO make an impact every week on « IDOL RADIO ».


In September 2022, HONGJOONG and YUNHO were selected to host Season 3 of MBC’s radio show, « IDOL RADIO ». Initially broadcast every Monday and Wednesday on the UNIVERSE app, ATINYs (fandom name) can find HONGJOONG and YUNHO live on the YouTube channel « MBCRADIO » starting today, February 8th.

Thereby, for six months, the two members of ATEEZ have revealed many talents through various activities on the radio. HONGJOONG and YUNHO not only demonstrated their skills as DJs under the names « Joongdi » for HONGJOONG and « Daengdi » for YUNHO. But they also demonstrated their skills in constantly communicating with fans in real-time through their intense chemistry and their pleasant conversations. 


In addition, HONGJOONG and YUNHO add vitality to this new « IDOL RADIO » season by learning key points of choreography from guest singers and groups and simultaneously showcasing their idol talents.

Their talents are recognized by their numerous guests, particularly by the many junior groups who have chosen ATEEZ as a model. In gratitude for this, HONGJOONG and YUNHO showed their consideration for their various guests by relaxing them and offering them a welcoming show.


Thus, HONGJOONG and YUNHO, who are also very popular as DJs, will take a break from this role for a while to leave for « THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL » European tour.

In response to this, the two ATEEZ members said:

« I was very nervous when I started doing radio, but the constant encouragement and support from ATINYs gave me plenty of confidence. I would like to thank the fans and listeners who always love and listen to us. « Joongdi » and « Daengdi » will conclude their world tour well and come back soon, so please wait a bit. »

Finally, ATEEZ will start its European tour, « THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL », on February 10 at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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