KIM WOO SEOK: New artist on “Blip”

Singer KIM WOO SEOK has been selected as a new artist for the “blip” mobile app.

Blip, which receives a warm response from global fans by providing artist schedules, various information and data, was recently offered artists who wanted to open up to K-pop fans around the world in the application. Among them, KIM WOO SEOK became the lead character on Blip, ranking first in the cumulative number of submissions thanks to enthusiastic support from K-pop fans at home and abroad.

KIM WOO SEOK has been loved by many fans as he has been active in various fields such as music, broadcasting and performances, including releasing “3RD DESIRE [Reve]” last year, fan outfit meeting, tvN’s “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” and appearing in the web drama “Mimicus”.

In the future, NIAs (fandom name) will be able to enjoy more convenient fandom activities, such as checking not only KIM WOO SEOK‘s schedule, but also Twitter, community, chart news, and various data at the times via “Blip”. In addition, the simple and convenient Fan Log function is also available, which should let you enjoy more convenient and abundant fandom activities in the future.

Meanwhile, “Blip” is a brand created for fans by music startup Space ODDITY and operates the blip app, marketplace and YouTube. The blip app is a “K-Pop Fan Assistant” app that provides services that help K-pop fans “love more” artists’ activities. Recently, he has been adored by K-pop fans by releasing a “Fanlog” diary feature that can be linked to calendars.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Blip app; Space Oddity

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