TFN: A new Japanese single

Group TFN will continue its overall performance.


TFN will release its new single “MIRAGE” in Japan on the 22nd of this month and begin full-fledged New Year activities.

“MIRAGE”, which means “mystery”, is a ballad on a little love story. Through this single, TFN plans to captivate fans around the world with the strong singing abilities of nine people and nine colors, unlike the intense performance he has shown so far.

Even before its official debut in Japan, TFN actively communicated with local fans through various promotions, exclusive entertainment programs, including the launch of its official fan club.

TFN, which made its official debut in Japan in March last year, achieved significant results on various charts with its debut title “Run up”, responding to hot local enthusiasm.

TFN, which celebrated its second anniversary in January, has established itself as a representative idol group of the fourth generation, with a differentiated concept and unique performances. Attention is focused on TFN’s decision to present itself as a “Mirage”, which is also attracting attention not only in Korea but also overseas such as Japan and South America.

TFN Japan’s new single “MIRAGE” will be released on various online music sites at midnight on February 22.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TFN

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