HANTEO MUSIC AWARDS: Second day of festivities for this award ceremony

On this second day of festivities at the “Hanteo Music Awards” still held in Seoul, KSTATION TV goes to meet new artists on the red carpet: OMEGA X, KEP1ER, TEMPEST, DANNY AHN, EPEX, DREAMCATCHER, BE’O, BADA, YOUNGTAK, TNX, FROMIS_9, YUBIN, SOYOU, CIX, KIM HYUNJUNG and CIGNATURE.

Discover the artists who took part in the red carpet:

Once the red carpet is over, it is time to enter the stadium to attend the ceremony and discover which singers have won awards tonight. To discover the winners of the previous day, they are listed in this article. Still today, EUGENE is MC of the evening, but with SHIN DONGYEOB this time. While the main screen of the stage shows the names of all the artists who were present during the two days of the ceremony, the song «Young forever» by BTS resonates, then the first artists go on stage to sing.

OMEGA X’s «I pray 4 u» is the song starting the evening, continuing with the cover of «Don’t wanna cry» by SEVENTEEN. Indeed, yesterday, some artists had made covers of songs that marked the thirty years of the Korean charts, and this one represents the year 2017. DREAMCATCHER takes over with «Now» from FIN.K.L to symbolize the year 2000. Then it’s EPEX’s turn to sing “I need U” by BTS (2015).

After this opening rich in memories, the prizes begin to be distributed:

  • Hip Hop (special award) : BE’O 
  • Wannabe Icon : YENA
  • Artist of the Year : YOUNGTAK & TXT(G)-IDLE LIM YOUNGWOONG

Then it’s time for BE’O to come back on stage, but to perform this time the song «Counting stars», followed by «Love me», remixed version. After this performance, YENA performs «Love war», then new awards are awarded: 

  • Blooming Star : CIGNATURE
  • Post Generation : FROMIS_9 & CIX
  • Emerging Artist : EPEX & P1HARMONY

It is now time to sing, with «Aurora» by CIGNATURE, then OMEGA X goes back on stage to perform «Dream», intriguing once again, positively, the audience who didn’t expected to see the group tonight given the recent events surrounding the members (abuse by their agency). CIX then replaces them to perform «458» after an intro showing the dance performances of young men. Then, short break to deliver prices:

  • Global Artist : THE BOYZ (Europe) MONSTA X (Océanie) JIN (Afrique) BLACKPINK (Amérique du Sud) DREAMCATCHER (Amérique du Nord) TXT (Asie) BTS (global)
  • Global Artist China : SF9 & TEMPEST
  • Global Artist Japan : STRAY KIDS 
  • Global Rising Artist : TEMPEST

The evening continues thanks to EPEX and its song «Item of a teen spirit» and the group FROMIS_9 takes over to perform «Stay this way» and «DM», which provokes strong reactions from the male audience. The first part of the evening has just ended this way, and we have to give new awards in order to move on to the following part: 

  • Rookie of the Year (male) : TNX & TEMPEST
  • Rookie of the Year (female) : KEP1ER & NEWJEANS
  • Who’s Fandom : ARMY (BTS) 

TEMPEST, which has just received three awards in the space of a few minutes, chose this moment to perform «Dragon». The boys continue with the title «Bad news», with more festive sounds. DREAMCATCHER replaces them, with «Vision». Then, EUGENE goes to the artists’ corner to ask them their feelings about the evening and ask some questions.

For example, BE’O says he hopes to collaborate with NCT DREAM, which, hearing the screams in the stadium, is the favorite group of the evening. FROMIS_9 then promises to be always at the side of its fans, YENA shows how to make hearts with the thumb and the little finger, YOUNGTAK delivers a message in English to thank its Indonesian and Filipino fans. OMEGA X thanks its fans for always supporting each moment and the evening continues.

  • Artist of the Year : NCT DREAM & BTS & ENHYPEN SEVENTEEN IVE

KEP1ER are part of the groups ending the evening, with the song «The girls», and «Wadada» in remixed version. YOUNGTAK is the next artist, the blue lightsticks in his effigy illuminating the stadium. The singer performs «The wall». He says a few words to his fans, then continues with «MMM». CIGNATURE then performs “Genie” by SNSD, TEMPESTFantastic Baby” by BIG BANG, CIXView” by SHINEE. Finally, the four biggest prizes of the evening are delivered:

  • Best Song : « Yet to Come » (BTS)
  • Best Artist : BTS
  • Best Performance : STRAY KIDS
  • Best Album : NCT DREAM

To close the evening, NCT DREAM returns to the stage to sing «Beat Box», the cries of the room demonstrate their great popularity, as well as the number of cameras brandished to immortalize each of their dance steps. The young singers finished with «Glitch Mode» and their cover of «Candy» which finally unleashed the crowd.

Journalist: Anaïs Pillet
Photos: Anaïs Pillet

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