BAMBAM : More Sweet or more Sour?

The artist BAMBAM, a member of the group GOT7, realizes his solo comeback this Tuesday, March 28 under the agency ABYSS COMPANY to present his new album carried by the song title «Sour & Sweet».

It was during a showcase held in Seoul that the young Thai introduced himself to the journalists present, presenting his latest album and posing during a short photo shoot. The showcase begins with the performance of the title “Sour & Sweet“, the title song of this album alongside seven other tracks, with the names “Feather”, “Take it easy”, “Ghost”, “Let’s dance”, “About you”, “Tippy Toe” and “Wings“. Thus, after 14 months of break, the singer returns to the stage.

The young man begins by explaining the concept behind his outfit, a clear white, but hiding bright red inside his jacket. He declares that the jacket is white, without any detail, to represent the Sweet side, while the red, concealed, represents the Sour one, in the image of his hair that have been separated into two colors, black and white.  During the performance, we quickly notice that the objective of BAMBAM is to show his abilities in dance, because while the song is played in the background and that the singer must sing over it, or playback it, he does not always hold the microphone in front of his face to focus on performing precise and dynamic movements.

« To film the clip, I went to Greece » —BAMBAM

While the artist takes place on stage near the MC to discuss this new album, he tells us about the shooting of the MV «Sour & Sweet» held abroad. He says that the staff showed the greatest kindness towards him, and that the director of the camera considered him his son and that they all ate together, making this shooting a most successful shooting. He made journalists laugh by saying that he was even called “Michael Jackson” during the shooting.  He goes on to talk about his home country, Thailand, saying that every time he goes back the fans welcome him just as warmly, and that he also had the opportunity to be MC for a KCON that took place there. He expresses his gratitude for having had this opportunity, and is very humble towards journalists.

BAMBAM also thanks all the people surrounding it and allowing this comeback on this day, stressing that he could never do it alone. His big heart and hard work are obvious, and it is with shyness that he presents the medley of his album, highlighting the intro, «Feather», and his outro, «Wings», as if telling a story that complements each other’s songs. He also participated in the writing and composition of seven of the eight tracks on the CD. In particular, the song “Ghost” talks about his family, revealing that originally, he didn’t want to write or sing about them, but that he felt it was the right time now to talk about his loved ones. Concerning the title song, he considers that his listening is ideal, one night while driving. He takes the opportunity to briefly dance part of the chorus again to show more precisely the simple movements of the choreography so that his fans can reproduce it with ease.

« When I think about my life and what I love, I think about the word “Dance”, which gave birth to the song “Let’s dance». — BAMBAM

However, regarding the song «Let’s dance», the singer reveals to be worried about performing it, because of the pronunciation in Korean of the expression «I don’t know» (ndlt: molla), which he considers to be pronouncing strangely. Then he says that the title «Tippy toe» is his favorite from the whole album, as well as «Wings» which describes the love he receives from his fans as wings allowing him to overcome all obstacles.  Afterwards, a FAQ between the singer and the journalists begins, where we ask him what his goal is as a solo artist. He simply says he hopes to one day hold a solo concert if the opportunity arises. He also describes the singer he would like to become, wishing to realize only what makes him happy, and to be with his fans. He also hopes to show another image more authentic than the usual one expected from an idol.

BAMBAM remains humble, claiming that it does not have the will or ambition to become an international star, but that the support of its fans, whatever the size of its fanbase, is all it wants, and that he is already grateful to be a performing solo singer in Korea. His kindness continues to shine on stage, and his good mood relaxes all the journalists present. He thanks again his staff, and the people behind the marketing of his comeback and of this new album which has two versions to represent the two concepts, Sweet and Sour.

« If I get a win at a musical show, I promise to eat ten lemons on stage because it’s ‘sour »BAMBAM

It is on these last words that the showcase ends gently, but surely, reminding that he remembers support, certainly from these fans and his agency, but also from the other members of GOT7 who are still in his heart. He is embarrassed to receive so much support, but works hard to make those who have shown him proud. He ends by addressing the differences between being a singer in a group, GOT7 in this case, and a solo singer. For him, there are not many differences, because the work remains the same, namely being on stage and dancing. He mainly points to the musical style, which is different and represents his personal touch.

So, after further thanks, BAMBAM ends this showcase, leaving the stage smiling while the MC thanks the “Michael Jackson of Korea“, recalling the incongruous anecdote of the beginning of the showcase.

The words of our reporter: “As a big fan of GOT7, may she be happy to be present at this showcase, good luck as a foreign singer!” 

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs
Videos: Chemin Charlène

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