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JACKSON WANG : Coachella, a spectacular stage for a new era

JACKSON WANG has come back to set the stage on fire at Coachella!

JACKSON WANG – Sahara Stage, Coachella 20230416

The 22nd Coachella has been the crossing point for multiple universes, gathering artists we would have never expected in a same place, at the same time. BAD BUNNY, ROSALÍA, ANGÈLE, BLINK-182, DPR LIVE, DPR IAN and BLACKPINK were all there for the two weekends of April to deliver an exceptionnal show.

Among them, JACKSON WANG has put his hand up, making it as the first Chinese solo act to perform at a Coachella stage. For this show,  he has given his trust to his dance crew KINJAZ and other fellow dancers including Sean Lew and Madison Olandt who have previously worked with him on the choreographies for “MAGIC MAN” such as “Come alive“. He has also requested for the help of magician Kevin Li to create a visual recalling for the magic path that has lead to his rebirth as an artist. This team rally allowed him to create a decor that is true to the universe of “MAGIC MAN“: a grandiose performance plunging the audience into a world of art and fiction and surprising them with an extraodinary scenography.


It was also the opportunity for the artist to reveal two new songs: « Slow », a new collaboration with CIARA, and « Cheetah » a new single.

However, « Cheetah » doesn’t seem to be just a single: it should be part of the sequel to his album “MAGIC MAN“, as announced in the MV he revealed following his performance at Coachella.

In this new MV, JACKSON plays the role of a dark character fighting against cheetahs in vain as he gets bitten and transforms into one himself. With its peculiar fictional universe, the MV reminds us of the breadth the “MAGIC MAN” album had to offer, combining theatrical stageplays, choreography-driven performances and musical exploration with new melodies and works on his vocals. Yet, this one stands out from his previous work: while the storyline still seems dark, the melody, the rhythm and his facial expressions give an alternative and contrasted interpretation of the piece as it associates with a more fun and dynamic side.

If “MAGIC MAN 2” were to be like “Cheetah“, one could imagine a progression into a new intrigue and more funky sounds. As for now, it might still be a little too soon to make any guess for his next album as the “MAGIC MAN” world tour has yet to be completed and shall resume with some US and Latin America stops.

In the meantime, dive back into his first album here.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Sources: SNS Coachella, SNS TEAM WANG, SNS Jackson Wang

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