Saturday, September 30, 2023

ATEEZ: A photo concept similar to the behind-the-scenes blockbuster

On June 8th at midnight KST, ATEEZ released a new concept photo for the album, « THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW ».

After posting the first concept photo, ATEEZ unveils a second one with individual photos of HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO and YEOSANG.

In the first photo, we can see HONGJOONG, with red hair, squatting in front of the lens with his captain’s headband on his right arm and the lip ring present in the previous photo concept. SEONGHWA poses in front of the lens with a determined gaze accentuated by his makeup, particularly by the cross in his right eye. Dressed in a brown outfit, we can see something on his back.

YUNHO poses, meanwhile, facing the camera with a provocative gaze biting the motorcycle glove on his right hand. While YEOSANG posed in profile, with his right hand resting on his face, a characteristic pose of YEOSANG caused a great reaction from fans.

The four of them seem to be posing on what looks like a green screen reminiscent of the backstage of action and superhero movies. A lot of references to these genres are present since the beginning of the promotion, whether in the design of the physical album or the first video teasers particularly intriguing fans.

In addition, ATEEZ, with Everline, announced the opening of several pop-up stores in the capital: Yeonnam, Yeouido, Samseong and Myeongdong. These different pop-up stores will be open from June 10 to 21, except Yeonnam which will end on June 25. Thus, the treasure map clue unveiled a few days ago referred to this event.

Finally, ATEEZ will return with a new album, « THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW », on June 16th. 

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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