Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ALEXA: Sweetness for a sad romance

ALEXA has raised expectations for a new song by announcing a love song that deviates from its previous titles.


ALEXA released an audio spoiler video for her new song “Juliet” on her official SNS at 11 p.m. KST on June 7.

The 32-second video revealed some of ALEXA’s sweet but sad tone from “Juliet” and lyrics, raising more questions about the full song. In particular, all of the published lyrics attracted attention because they were in English.

The video shows ALEXA singing her new song “Juliet” in a soft voice with a tunnel in the background. ALEXA’s face, which remains still and sings without any editing, was filmed in one take, starting with a close-up shot and gradually building up to a full shot, increasing the level of immersion.

ALEXA, who dyed her short hair silver, paired a neat white short skirt with lace and a colorful patterned top, and wrapped a pearl necklace around her neck and shoulders in a unique shape to put her on value. The visuals are sultry and sophisticated, but the eyes and expressions convey an atmosphere that seems to yearn sadly for something.

Lyrics such as “Maybe we weren’t meant to be, We were Romeo and Juliet. If Romeo was never in.” meet the voice of ALEXA, which shows sadness in calm, creating affection.

ALEXA, who debuted with the single “BOMB” in October 2019, drew attention to her outstanding concept and skills as the first “AI in the metaverse (multiple universe)” by a K-pop artist. Since then, she has established a specific worldview by releasing the titles “Villain”, “Xtra”, “Tattoo” and “Back in vogue”, and released a charisma and explosive energy that only ALEXA can show.

ALEXA has expanded her business at home and abroad since winning NBC’s “American Song Contest” competition program last year. Recently, she signed a US management deal with music label Intertwine Music, run by Eshy Gazit, who was in charge of local management for BTS and MONSTA X.

ALEXA will release her new digital single “JULIET” simultaneously worldwide at noon KST on June 9. ALEXA will not perform promotional activities in music shows or other activities with the new song.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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