Thursday, September 28, 2023

BTS: The anniversary begins, with a first title

BTS will release a new song to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its debut.

BTS will be releasing “Take two” simultaneously worldwide on various music sites at 1 p.m. KST on June 9 KST.

Under the theme “Take two,” meaning the second chapter, the song signifies the second way forward for BTS, while expressing gratitude to the fans who have spent every moment so far and promise to walk together in the future. coming.

Through “Take two,” BTS looks back on the days he walked with his fans over the past 10 years and expresses his affection for ARMYs by describing the days he will walk with them in the future. In “Take two,” which ended with SUGA’s production and RM and J-HOPE’s participation in the song, BTS’ sweet voice, rap that delicately expresses their journey so far, and acoustic sound in a warm atmosphere are in perfect harmony.

In particular, BTS raised expectations for the new song by posting different images for each member from June 2 to June 8 ahead of the release of “Take two.

The seven images posted on the official SNS are places where each member’s memories reside. Starting with RM’s Dia: Beacon Museum, photos of JIN’s Los Angeles sea in the United States, SUGA’s concert hall, J-HOPE’s Brooklyn bridge in New York, the filming of JIMIN, the yacht of V in Mexico and sunset of JUNGKOOK in Qatar were very appreciated.

Each photo contains the words “LIGHT”, “BEGIN”, “SOUL”, “TOGETHER”, “FACE”, “YOUNG” and “STAY”, which are allusions to the lyrics of “Take two“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BTS

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