Thursday, September 28, 2023

A.C.E: WOW officially discharged from the military

A.C.E.’s WOW (Kim Sehyoon) will be dischared from military duty today.


SEHYOON who enlised on September 10, 2020, will return this day after safely completing his military service. SEHYOON had enlisted as a civil servant due to his mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and panic disorder.

For his return, he’ll be holding an Instagram live session his instagram account @5EHYOON on June 10 at midnight kst.

SEHYOON is the 1st member of who has completed his military service, according to the members the hyung line (composed of DONGHUN, SEHYOON, and JUNHEE) will be dischared during the month of June.

A.C.E is a Beat interactive group whose last released title “Changer” was a fansong released just before SEHYOON’s enlistment.

Journalist: Subaru
Source: A.C.E SNS

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