Monday, October 2, 2023

JAY CHANG: Solo debut officially announced

JAY CHANG, who scored the top 10 in “Boyz Planet“, will make a new start at FM Entertainment.


FM Entertainment announced on September 18 that JAY CHANG, who recently signed an exclusive contract, will release his official debut album next month.

An official from FM Entertainment said, “We will fully support JAY CHANG to showcase his potential and versatile talent.”

JAY CHANG participated as an American trainee in Mnet’s survival program “Boyz Planet” and attracted attention by showing his excellent vocal skills from the beginning. Appreciated for his superior visuals and versatile charm throughout the show, he broke through the first group ranking and made a global impression by finishing in the final 10th place.

Since then, JAY CHANG, who has been working on an album alongside various activities including fan meetings in China and abroad, has confirmed the release of his official debut album next month, attracting attention. JAY CHANG recently showed great confidence by directly informing fans about his solo debut via live stream.


In particular, the title song of the first album amplifies expectations by saying that the production team, which made the songs that became a hot topic during the “Boyz Planet” competition, participated.

An official from FM Entertainment said, “As it is a debut album, JAY CHANG‘s participation and contribution is high,” adding, “We put everything into the album, so look forward to it and pay a lot of attention to it.

JAY CHANG will begin his full countdown by releasing the prepared projects sequentially.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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