Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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ONLYONEOF: Wishes for this Chuseok holiday

The group ONLYONEOF greeted the fans friendlyly.


8D Entertainment released a video on ONLYONEOF’s official SNS on September 29 at midnight, “Happy Chuseok to the LYONs (fandom name) that ONLYONEOF wants to meet.

In the posted video, ONLYONEOF appeared in casual outfits such as denim jackets and baseball sweaters, adding warmth. Then, NINE said: “I’m going to gain weight, by eating lots of delicious things,” sparking laughter with her “witty” comment. At the same time, YOOJUNG warmly greeted fans for Chuseok, saying, “I hope you have a good time because it’s Chuseok.”

ONLYONEOF released their album “seOulkOlectiOn” on March 2 in Seoul, which tells the story of young people being hurt by others. Since then, the “Only One Of GRAND AMERICA” tour, which spanned 16 cities in the Americas, and the first solo concert in Korea, “Seoul CollectiOn“, have continued to perform hard at home and abroad . Attention is focused on what kind of actions they will take in the future.

ONLYONEOF is set to officially release the web drama “Bump Up Business” featuring all members in October.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 8D Entertainment

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