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TOPSECRET : comes back to control your mind.

Top Secret SP (02-06-2017) (1745)

     A few months after its debut, JSL COMPANY‘s group, TOPSECRET, presents its comeback, with the release of a new mini-album entitled WAKE UP.

    After their Korean debuts, followed by their activities in Japan, the group’s 7 members — AIN, K, YOHAN, WOOYOUNG, JUNGHOON, YONGHYEON and KYEONGHA — are back with new songs, to which the rap line (Wooyoung, Junghoon and Kyeongha), as well as the team of producers Sweetune (Infinite, Rainbow, Boyfriend …) participated in the writing.

MIND CONTROL is like a Happy Virus and we worked hard to make it a song that goes viral.” – YongHyeon 

     Following their previous album, the group remains in a school concept with the TOPSECRET SCHOOL. But this time, the young boys are not proposing ballads, but instead a “Happy Virus” with the song MIND CONTROL, the main title of their 2nd mini-album.

     The members spoke about the difficulties they encountered during the preparation of this comeback, but especially about their meeting with the choreographer of MIND CONTROL, which happens to be KWON JAE-SEUNG, one of the teachers of PRODUCE 101 season 2.

     During the showcase, TOPSECRET presented three of its songs to the press: UP & DOWN, DUMB and MIND CONTROL, which you can watch on the video below.

     To end the event, each member shared a small message to thank the people who have supported them, and they all promised to work hard to show a new face of TOPSECRET.

Top Secret SP (02-06-2017) (1801)

 MIND CONTROL‘s MV will be released on Sunday June 4th, 2017, at 12pm KST (5am in France)

The album WAKE UP will then be available for sale from Thursday 8 June 2017.

Journalist : Christine
Source : Kstation TV




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