GOLDEN CHILD : Happy New Year’s greetings before a promotion in Japan.

     GOLDEN CHILD, the last boys group from WOOLLIM Entertainment, extended SEOLLAL’s warm greetings in hanbok during the Lunar New Year holidays.


     GOLDEN CHILD (Lee Dae-yeol, Y, Lee Jang-joon, TAG, Bae Seung-min, Bong Jae-hyun, Kim Ji-beom, Kim Dong-hyun, Hong Joo-chan and Choi Bo-min) said through their agency on February 3rd: “We hope that everything will be fine for you during the holidays and that you will fulfill your wishes for the New Year. Happy New Year“. They added “We hope you enjoy your holidays with your loved ones.

GOLDEN CHILD members also said, “We are likely to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a promotion to Japan, we will return home on New Year’s Day and spend the rest of the holidays with our family.


      On the unveiled photos, GOLDEN CHILD are only 9 members, in the absence of HONG JOO CHAN, resting due to injury, draws attention.

GOLDEN CHILD, drew attention to them with 2 mini-albums and album released last year, expand their fan base, attracting attention both in Korea and abroad with their dynamic dance and their strong live talent.

Meanwhile, GOLDEN CHILD will be on sale in Japan on February 11th and should meet fans at MBC Idols Championships at 5:45 pm on February 5th and 6th.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : WOOLLIM Entertainment

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