JUNG EUNJI : Her future collaboration with 10CM.

     The meeting between APINK‘s JUNG EUNJI and 10CM‘s KWON JUNG YEOL, we guarantee a superb vocal performance at the top of the kpop industry.


      The agencies PLAYM Entertainment and Magic Strawberry Sound released today at midnight teasers of the new song, “Walking Together“, on their official fans cafes or on the respective TV channels and social networks.

     The images broadcast on the channels of each agency have created the surprise of this collaboration in JUNG EUNJI and KWON JUNG YEOL. The two smiling artists are sitting on a chair in a courtyard under the warm spring sun.


     It turns out that KWON JUNG YEOL is the main character of the new title JUNG EUNJI, which remained until then wrapped in a veil. JUNG EUNJI, who will be releasing her song on April 30th, intrigued the fans by saying that she would not be alone on this track.

    With this announcement, the enthusiastic reaction of the fans was not long in coming. Because during the release of “하늘 바라기” and “너란 봄“, JUNG EUNJI had generated a lot of interest in the charts, with songs that evoke the warm nostalgia, while 10CM, of which KWON JUNG YEOL is a part, rock people every spring with the acoustic and sweet sound of their lyrics.

     In addition, JUNG EUNJI has already performed duet songs such as “Love Day“, “All For You” …, provoking great impatience for the one with KWON JUNG YEOL of 10CM.

     Since his third mini-album “HYEHWA“, released in October, JUNG EUNJI, who will return after six months, will produce her own new song, revealing her own color as a singer-songwriter.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : PLAYM Entertainment

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