CICI : Even with the bad weather they are there for their fans.

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      Group CICI was busking in Hongdae this weekend, our reporter Anaïs was present and shares his impressions.

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     Sunday, August 11th at 5pm, the young rookie group CICI (씨씨) offers us a new busking in Hongdae. Fresh from Busan where they performed for the first time, it is under a heavy sky that the group arrives smiling in front of its fans. Quickly, the group begins by offering us a cover of “Really Really” of Winner, then “Empty” of the same group. Subsequently, after dancing on “12:30” B2ST, WON, the leader, reveals to have injured the day before the ankle. Concerned about his health, the busking had to be canceled, but after their stay in Busan, he told us of his strong desire to see his fans Seoul despite his injury. He then asks us to be indulgent because he will not be able to offer us strong performances to save his ankle.

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      Group then goes on with the covers dance of “Mic Drop” of BTS and “Plz dont be sad” Highlight. They confide that Highlight / B2ST is the group they prefer to repeat. The pain was read on the lines of WON, but he asked us not to worry. Turning to a happier subject, we celebrate the birthday of SUNGHYUN, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of his 22nd birthday. After dancing on Seventeen’s “Very Nice”, the band relaxes and chats with the fans before announcing that the busking was coming to an end. Performing their debut song, “CC“, the group is acclaimed and fans are asking for more. Amazed at this craze, the boys decide to offer us one more. In the program; dance on “The Eve” of EXO and sing with “Very Good” of Block B.

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     The rain finally fell on the capital, definitively closing the busking of the group. They thank us for coming, and hope to see us soon, inviting us to follow them on their social networks because an event will soon be online (unveiled on 13 on Twitter). By prompting us to quickly escape to avoid getting cold because of the downpour, the group leaves to join its van and leaves us after having once again thanked us for being moved for them. CICI, a group of members each more adorable than the others that I invite you to discover urgently! Formed under UPVOTE Entertainment, it consists of four members; WON (leader), SUNGHYUN (rapper), HANEUL (dancer) and JL (maknae).

Journalist : Shawn
Reporter / Photograph : Anaïs PILLET
Translator: Shawn

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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