RBW Entertainment : The agency will produce its own Vietnamese groups.

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    RBW, ‘NaverV et Kakao M’ travaillent ensemble au Vietnam


      RBW, well-known as the agency of famous idol groups such as MAMAMOO and ONEUS, will make full-scale inroads into the Vietnamese market along with Naver and Kakao. They are planning to work together to smoothly launch Vietnamese boy band ‘Diverse’ and secure various IPs.

     According to RBW on the 29th, RBW Vietnam Corporation (RBW VIETNAM) will soon finance Naver’s infrastructure establishment by carrying out a paid-in capital increase. NAVER VIETNAM, a subsidiary of NaverV CIC in Vietnam, will invest in the company. NaverV CIC is an in-house independent company established by Naver in 2014. Park Sun-young, director of Entertainment & Lifestyle, has been CEO since last year. Kakao M (formerly Loen entertainment), which is 100% subsidiary of Kakao, is also going to invest part of its funds into RBW VIETNAM as a form of investment for its projects. RBW’s Korean headquarters also plans to participate in the project on a similar scale to Kakao M.

RBW VIETNAM is a local corporation established by RBW in Ho Chi Minh in March 2016 to make inroads into the Southeast Asian market. It is planning to supply V live contents, secure IP for contents and artists, and nurture aspiring idol groups as its main businesses. There are 15 to 20 executives and employees, including Gov. Kim Sung-hoon. It has become a subsidiary of RBW‘s filial subsidiary, steadily posting a surplus over the past three years.

Recently, he has been working hard to nurture idols made up of pure Vietnamese locals. “After experiencing Vietnam’s entertainment market directly over the past four years and accumulating various experiences and know-how, we decided that it is possible to launch local idol groups,” Kim said. “The ultimate goal is to make trainees fostered by RBW the No. 1 idol group in Vietnam.” The most anticipated representative idol is Diverse, a five-member boy band. Seven prospective members of Diverse have been staying at the RBW Seoul headquarters’ training center since late last year for systematic training.

RBW VIETNAM plans to inject much of the funds raised by Naver and Kakao M into Diverse. It is expected that Diverse will be used for events that are derived from various fields such as organizing broadcasting and distributing contents, including ‘WEwillDebut’, which is an artist’s incubation program currently being produced and filmed.
“We are producing survival reality programs that are trained in Korea and Vietnam ahead of Diverse’s official debut,” Kim said. “We expect the Naver V platform to actively promote and distribute contents to artists who will be nurtured in the future”

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Source : RBW Entertainment


This post is also available in: Français (French)

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