N.CUS : They wish a happy Chuseok to their fans.

The rookie boy band N.CUS composed of twelve members has addressed a special video to its fans for Chuseok holidays.


Today, the members of the rookie boy band N.CUS have published a video in which they wish a happy Chuseok weekend to their fans. The video was uploaded on the band’s official Instagram account.

The message addressed by the boys in the video is as followed «Hello everyone, it’s N.CUS. This weekend in Korea we celebrate Chuseok. We hope you spend a lovely moment with your family eating delicious meals. Don’t forget to give us lots of love and support. Happy Chuseok everyone!».

The band N.CUS had debuted the 27th of August this year. Afterward, they appeared in various South-Korean TV shows. It seems like the rookie boy band is getting more and more support from the public.

N.CUS‘s debut mini-album called [MATCHLESS LOVE] is composed of three songs. The main one is entitled «SUPER LUV» and it is a hip hop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) song. The two other ones are entitled «Come With Me» and «Take Me To Her».

Music composers KZ and ST3V3 as well as the songwriter B.O and the producers AZAK, TAEBONGI and D’DAY have all contributed to the production of the mini-album [MATCHLESS LOVE]. Among them, some had worked with the bands IZ*ONE and STRAY KIDS on their songs «UP» and «I am YOU» respectively.

N.CUS is led by the member EOS. The eleven other members are called HWAN, MYUNG, SEO SEOKJIN, SEONG SEOP, HOJIN, EUNTAEK, SUN, IF, YUAN, SEUNG YONG, and YUNMIN. Also, for those of you who still wonder what the name N.CUS means, it actually stands for No. Competitors Under The Sky.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: KYURI Entertainment

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