A.C.E : The dark side of the group will express itself.

     ACE. signals an unparalleled concept for their comeback.


     A.C.E will release its third mini-album “UNDER COVER: THE MAD SQUAD” on October 29th.

     The main title of this new mini-album will be called “Savage” and will highlight the strong energy and performance of A.C.E‘s members.

     Especially the song “Savage” tells a story of righteous “weirdos” who got people into “following our weird path way” and infuse them with positive energy.. It is an extension of “UNDER COVER“, representing a darker color of A.C.E.

     Famous choreographer Lia Kim stepped up her efforts to support the powerful impact of the members’ assets, while the famous Korean-American choreographer Mike Song of One Million Dance studio and the Kinzaz group also joined forces with the group.

     As they prepare for their return, A.C.E plans to hold a press and fan showcase on October 29th to show off their colorful new look..

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn

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