SEVEN O’CLOCK: The group changes.

     The SEVEN O’CLOCK’s agency made an announcement about recruitment of a new member.

14U WOO JOO (2)

     Today FOREST NETWORK, published on their fan café an announcement concerning the member EUN KYEOL.

     In the announcement the agency wrote that for personal reasons the young man couldn’t be part of the group and formalized discharge from SEVEN O’CLOCK.

    These various announcements are indeed hard for the group because, on October 8th, the agency had already announced that JEONG GYU was on a break because of health reasons. Fortunately for them the member 2SOUL has recovered because of the treatment and he can finally come back..

seven o clock jeong gyu

    The agency eventually announced that the boys are still preparing for their comeback. The question is, how many members will be part of it? It will potentially be 4 members: ANDY, HANGYEOM, 2SOUL and TAEYOUNG.

Translation of the press release :



We inform you that EUN KYEOL‘s membership to SEVEN O’CLOCK has been canceled.

We finally made that decision because we respect EUN KYEOL‘s need of not participating in SEVEN O’CLOCK because of personal situation.

We are sorry that he can not join us, but we will support the future activities of EUN KYEOL.

Please, we hope our fans will understand. We will make sure we are ready for our comeback.

We hope you will be interested in the new look of SEVEN O’CLOCK.

Thank you.

Official release :


포레스트네트워크 입니다.

은결 군의 세븐어클락 합류가 취소되었음을 알려 드립니다.

본인의 개인적인 사정으로 인해 세븐어클락에 참여 할 수 없다는 은결 군의 생각을 존중하여, 최종적으로 이러한 결정을 내리게 되었습니다.

활동을 함께 하지 못하게 되어 아쉽지만, 은결의 향후 활동 및 행보를 응원하겠습니다.

팬 여러분의 넓은 이해 부탁드리며, 컴백 준비에 차질이 없도록 진행하겠습니다.

새로운 모습으로 변신할 세븐어클락의 활동에도 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.


Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : SNS SOC
R/C: Alicja

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