ORLY : New photos for her debuts.

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Solo singer ORLY showed her new visuals.

ORLY (1)

ORLY released her second photo concept for her first single “Crush On You” on her official accounts yesterday afternoon.

She appeared in a white dress, showing a different charm from her first conceptual photo. In particular, she used accessories such as fruits and flowers to accentuate this pure side.

ORLY (2)

ORLY, who turned 16 this year, is the first solo artist of ANS Entertainment. The name of ORLY comes from the sound of the word “Only (온리)”, which means “only”, and contains the meaning of “you and me, only with ORLY“.

On November 17th, ORLY will release her first single “Crush On You” and meet her fans. She first, last month, sensitized listeners with her first free single. Despite her young age, there will be a lot of attention to ORLY, who has an attractive deep voice. As a result, public expectations are high as to the type of musical style that will show us her first single.

ORLY‘s debut single, “Crush On You,” will be available at various online music venues at 6pm KST on November 17th.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : ANS Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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