SWEET SORROW : A new album full of emotions.

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SWEET SORROW (IN HO JIN, SONG WOO JIN and KIM YONG WOO) will be back with a new feeling.
sweet sorrow

According to its management agency SWEET SORROW Company, the group SWEET SORROW will make a comeback with a fifth album, “NEW DAY“, on November 15th.

The new album “NEW DAY” will definitively set the musical color of SWEET SORROW. In particular, the title song “다 잘될 거라 생각해 (I think everything will be fine),” written by IN HO JIN and composed by KIM YONG WOO, suggests that the three members worked the song together to make music “다 잘될 거라 생각해 (I think everything will be fine)” a title that fits the group.

SWEET SORROW, who underwent a major change within the group in 2017. After a short break, they formed a project group with The barberettes called SBSB in 2019. After the release of the single remake “좋을 텐데” with The Barberettes, SWEET SORROW came back to the public waiting for them.

After this change, SWEET SORROW became stronger. In response, they are determined to find and show evolution with improved music and harmonies.

SWEET SORROW’s fifth complete album, “NEW DAY“, will be available on various online music sites from November 15th.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : SWEET SORROW Company

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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