VICTON: A special gift to their fans.

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Boyband VICTON surprised its fans with the release of a new video.


Last Thursday, a new video was uploaded on VICTON‘s official Youtube channel. It is the performance version of «Nostalgic Night»‘s music video.

This version of «Nostalgic Night»‘s music video was recorded in the same setting as the original version. The boys are dancing in front of a colorful city lights background. This surprise video is considered as a gift made by VICTON to thank its fans for their amazing support since the release of their fifth mini-album.

Three years after their debuts, the boys are finally seeing their efforts being paid as their popularity is amazingly increasing every day since the release of NOSTALGIA, the band’s fifth mini-album. It is the first time in three years that the band hits No. 1 of local and international music charts.VICTON’s popularity keeps on growing with the fans spreading the band’s work on social media.

Besides, the band has recently begun its very first Asian tour which is expected to end at the beginning of next year with a concert at the Olympic Park in Seoul. This concert, entitled NEW WORLD, will mark the band’s first solo concert in Korea.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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