HEO KYUNG-HWAN : Last week “Running Man”‘s guest.

South Korean comedian HEO KYUNG-HWAN has recently made an apparition on the famous SBS show RUNNING MAN.


Last Sunday, on the 17th of November, comedian HEO KYUNG-HWAN, who made his debuts in a KBS sketch-comedy TV show called GAG CONCERT, appeared on RUNNING MAN, a show aired on SBS during which the MC and the guests have to complete missions.

As HEO KYUNG-HWAN made his entrance on GOT7‘s JINYOUNG‘s sides, he soon got really offended when he noticed that everyone’s attention was on the young and good-looking singer. Later, KYUNG-HWAN entertained the other guests with a very unexpected acrostic poem.

Singer KIM JONG-GUK who was also part of the cast that day, mocked him and suggested: «Go wash your face with cold water». HEO KYUNG-HWAN answered spontaneously that it wasn’t a good idea to wash his face with cold water during midwinter. He also declared that he wouldn’t do any more acrostic poem fearing that he would have his scenes deleted during the editing of the show.

At this, MC YOO JAE-SEOK said: «I thought HEO KYUNG-HWAN was famous for being one of the funniest comedians of South Korea», to which HEO KYUNG-HWAN replied: «I haven’t been able to make people laugh for decades now. I’m just looking for a chance».

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: Cube Entertainment

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