Thursday, November 30, 2023

GOT7: Brand new teasers for an upcoming project.

The group released mysterious teasers through its official social media accounts, hinting a new project in the making.

From left to right: GOT7 JAY B, MARK, JACKSON & JINYOUNG.

Since last friday, the group has been releasing teasers that have fueled fans theories.

The individual teasers of JAY B, MARK, JACKSON and JINYOUNG have thus been posted; all the members wearing neat outfits, with soft yet shimering colors, in a flowery setting.


YOUNGJAE‘s teaser has been released today, confirming the soft concept with chic yet casual attires.

Even though various members already confirmed having started working on GOT7‘s next album, many fans suspect that such teasers could be linked to a repackage version of the “Call My Name” album with additional songs.

Next teasers in line are BAMBAM’s and YUGYEOM‘s.

Are you excited about GOT7’s upcoming project ?

Journalist: Lilies
Translator: Lilies
Source: SNS GOT7

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