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GOT7: Celebrating its 6th anniversary.

The group celebrates its sixth anniversary.

Messages dedicated to the fans.

As a way to celebrate its sixth anniversary since their debut on the 14th of January, 2014, GOT7 shared through its social media accounts, at midnight south Korean time,  messages to thank their fans for their support.

Currently on a break after a very busy 2019, the members used their posts as a mean to remind to all their fans that their support is what kept the group going throughout these six years of hard work in order to create the best songs and put up amazing performances.

Fans from across the world united over various projects to celebrate this anniversary – some bought a galaxy for the group, others donated to various associations under GOT7’s name, various hashtags also trended on social medias.

The group also shared the date of its anniversary fanmeeting that will take place on the 14th of March with a brand new concept: “Once upon a time, the winter that we loved..” as well as a teaser that seems to be a duplicate of the teaser of the “Girls Girls Girls” title track and its silvery jackets.

The fanmeeting teaser.

Fans hope to hear new versions of GOT7’s old songs like the group already did during the showcase of the “Present: YOU” album that led fans to love the Hip-Hop remix of the “Girls Girls Girls” single.

Many fans also wonder if the concept will showcase various copies of all GOT7’s eras to this day.

Which older GOT7 songs would you like to see live?

Happy anniversary to GOT7 and their fans!

Journalist : Lilies
Translator: Lilies
Source: GOT7 SNS

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