GFRIEND: Have fulfilled the wish of their fans.

Girls’ group GFRIEND successfully completed their third fan meeting.

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GFRIENDs held a solo fan meeting “Dear. Buddy – Make a Wish” at the Olympic Hall in the Seoul Olympic Park on January 18th and met their fans.

The “Dear. Buddy – Make a Wish” fan meeting was the third of its kind in over a year since “Dear. Buddy – Cross the Sunset” in February of last year, when GFRIEND turned into “Genius of a day “fulfilling the wishes of the fans.

In particular, GFRIEND, who celebrated their fifth anniversary on January 16th, chose as their first song “Glass Bead” for the launch of this fan meeting and presented the most acclaimed scene “White” for which the fans voted, adding to her a lot of enthusiasm from the start.

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In addition, the six members occupied the entire stage, filling the 160-minute window with six colored sections, interacting with the fans. These in turn transmitted even more energy and love to the members of the group.

The group then staged an emotional performance that started with “Rough” and led to “It’s You” and “You Are Not Alone“, a warm song that was presented to fans for the first time.

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In addition, the group organized a “Random kpop Quiz“, which allowed the girls to feel the competitive spirit of the members, and an “A Petty Lucky Box“, which presented their favorite items to fans, claiming a friendly charm as well as a special performance, attracting huge fan reactions.

Finally, GFRIEND have thought big for this fan meeting to celebrate their fifth anniversary with performances “encore” such as “Time for the Moon Night“, “Only 1” and “Paradise“.

In addition, the fan meeting was a place where GFRIEND meet fans before its comeback on February 3rd, which triggered a successful signal for activities to come in 2020.

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GFRIEND said “We have always wanted to encourage each other, listen to the wishes of our fans and give them a warm gift. Our comeback is coming soon and we are very excited. We hope you are also looking forward to this new mini-album“.

GFRIEND will be back with a mini-album on February 3rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KSTATION TV / Source Music

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