ATEEZ: Launch of their world tour.

Group ATEEZ (에이티즈) of KQ ENTERTAINMENT declares open its world tour called “The Fellowship: map the treasure“.


Composed of the following members: HONGJOONG (홍중), SEONGHWA (성화), YUNHO (윤호), YEOSANG (여상), SAN (산), MINGI (민기), WOOYOUNG (우영) and JONGHO (종호) the group which debuted in 2018 embarks on a world tour that will pass in America and Europe. Members of the Atinys fanclub are present in large numbers on this occasion. After the broadcast of an opening video, the boys go up on stage, carrying their standard, to the fervent applause of the fans. The first of their titles to resonate in the room is “Win“, and it is with great energy that the group opens this evening.  


The flames surround them and already the following title starts: “지평선 (Horizon)“, and the various projectors illuminate the room sometimes red, sometimes blue. On stage, the group is accompanied by a troupe of dancers to underline the precision of their choreography, then “Pirate King” is launched. Dressed in red velvet jackets with golden embroidery, the eight boys go wild, finally catch their breath and say their first words to their fans.  


On screens, some of their lyrics are translated into English, aware of their high popularity abroad. ATEEZ reassures the Atinys, even if a chapter of the group ends, this is an opportunity to write another. Quickly, it is with joy that the boys introduce their lightstick, which has just been inaugurated on this occasion.

« If you stay with us until the end of the evening then maybe you will discover what is the treasure of our adventure » – SEONGHWA 


Subsequently, by going to the central stage, the group continues with “Twilight” then “Stay“, throwing a few hearts to the public. The famous lightsticks light up the crowd, then “My way” takes over. The members are smiling and seem happy to be on stage. They then go to the third stage, against the stands, which revives the cries of the fans. They therefore continue with the song “Light” by taking signs used to take selfies.

Holding hands, the boys play as much with the cameras as with their audience, fond of the interactions between them. Returning then to the main stage, they choose to interpret this time “안개 (Mist)“, each one having its own microphone on tripod. The screen behind them emits smoke, being surrounded by themselves. Thereafter, they continue with the song “Desire“, cradled in a strong red light conducive to the sensuality of this title. ATEEZ finally leaves the stage, then a new video is broadcast while waiting, where we see the boys singing on a cloudy background, before giving way to the waves and the sun with the titles “Illusion“, “Wave” and “Sunrise” , all dressed in white.


The boys always have fun on stage while taking care of their choreographies. Their vocal performances are stable and neat. The fanchants accompany the various services to support the members who give the best of themselves. MINGI, in particular, jumps everywhere and overflows with energy. After this intensive sequence, ATEEZ takes the floor again to address its fans. Laughing, the leader HONGJOONG wonders “what can the group not do for their fans” (implying that they can do everything). Because the group offered them a lightstick containing key elements of their concept as well as a name, Lightiny, in symbiosis with the name of the fanclub. Exploring the functions of the lightstick, the room changes color at the request of the boys.

« In reality, you are our treasure» – MINGI 


While singing “If without you“, the members throw dozens of autographed balls into the audience. With a beating heart, the Atinys fight to catch the Holy Grail flying in their direction. But without losing a minute, the group continues with the title “Aurora“. The lights in the room give the illusion of being surrounded by stars. They then continue with “Utopia“. The devices explode, then again a video fills the void left by the group that has just left the scene. We see the members trying to solve a puzzle, before reappearing with “Say my name“.

Dressed in black and chains, the atmosphere of the concert darkens. However, although overflowing with a sometimes intimidating charisma, the boys keep smiling. They continue with “Dazzling Light“. ATEEZ doesn’t seem to weaken as the presence of the group on stage is essential. The crowd is unleashed when the song “HALA HALA” begins to resound in the room. Fireworks surround the boys before they all finish on the ground, as the apotheosis of the show. The members encourage the public to shout the name of the group as loud as possible, the Atinys willingly taking part in the game before they in turn shout the name of the fanclub. 


«  When we were singing HALA HALA earlier, I broke my microphone ”- SAN, demonstrating the energy of the members on stage.   

The group continues with “Treasure“, followed by “Precious“. The choir voices of the eight young men resound in the room, underlined by the animations broadcast on the screen behind them. They conclude with “Wonderland“, the decor reminiscent of that of “HALA HALA” with its smoke in bloody hues. ATEEZ barely leaves the room when the public is already asking for a “Encore“. A large number of male voices are also heard. The group who came back to interpret “Answer“, their latest title, did not need more.


Fans do not hide their joy to see their favorite band on stage to offer last performances. Members wear silver outfits and the flames ignite the room. Lightning echoes behind them, echoing the cries of the Atinys as the confetti spreads. They then show a tattoo on their hands. Originally, each fan was to receive the same at the entrance to the room to signify that they were connected to the group. However, it was canceled for health reasons due to the Corona Virus.

«  Our tour is called ‘Fellowship’, which means that we understand each other and follow each other without having to say a word. Today is also the four hundred and fiftieth day since we met the Atinys “. – HONJOONG 


The group changed one last time to wear the clothes of the tour. They then display their microphones, all of different colors depending on the personalities of the members. MINGI chose a bluish gray because he liked this color the most during the selection, just like WOOYOUNG who chose his favorite color black. That of SAN is gold, HONJOONG white, YUNHO blue, SEONGHWA silver, JONHO purple and finally YEOSANG red. They then sing “Thank U” then “Star 1117“, asking the Atinys to turn on the light of their phone for this title, being intended for them. Again, the room is adorned with stars. The lyrics of the song are displayed on the screen, the audience singing to accompany their group.

«  Thank you to Atinys for giving us happiness as a gift. Even if it’s hard at times, having you by our side gives us strength  » – YUNHO 


Members indulge their fans one last time. Above all, they hope that the Atinys had a pleasant concert and thank them for coming. The boys hope to be a source of happiness, even tiny, for their fans. Even if this weekend of concerts was short, precious moments were written in their memories. Thanks to the Atinys, they can receive love and be proud of them. HONGJOONG declares to have prepared this concert since the beginning of winter but that it exceeded its expectations. The members apologize for the inconvenience caused by the Corona virus, forcing the crowd to wear masks.

« It’s been a year since we started and today is the most rewarding moment of our career. I am always grateful to you for your love and your trust in us and will ensure that your trust in us continues to grow  » – MINGI  


Finally, they thank all the people around them as well as their parents, before singing the last songs of the evening; “Promise” and “Dancing like Butterfly Wings“. For the latter, fans brandish a banner where can be read “I love you Ateez, let’s always be together“.

A word from our reporter: “Until the end of the concert, the boys proposed a flawless and no doubt that their world tour will be a great success. Their collaboration with their fans is undeniable and this opening of the tour is successful.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photo :  KQ Entertainment
Translator: Shawn

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