SUNGDAM & EB: Two artists’ duet concert.

This Sunday, February 23rd, we met two young women, SUNGDAM and EB, singers from the agency HYPLE. They had a mini concert in Seoul and they performed together, in collaboration with BILY ACOUSTIE.   


This two-hour concert was held in a small café, the Salon Moonbow, ready to welcome around sixty people. Although this concert was a collaboration, the two women first went on stage separately. SUNGDAM performed first for thirty minutes of the show. Both were however assisted by a group accompanying them on guitar, bass, synthesizer and drums. The room was packed and each visitor received a surprise pocket at the entrance. It contained candy, a mask to protect themselves from the virus, and a handwritten card from one of the artists.


The dim lights of the cafe made the atmosphere cozy and warm. The concert started at 5 pm, SUNGDAM went up on stage to sing a song called “나는 어떤 이유로 널 좋아 하는 걸까“. Dressed in a light dress, she quickly went on with the song “계절“. She took a few minutes to introduce herself and thank everyone for coming.

« I wanted to sing love songs and one day, while being on Instagram, I saw the message of a fan who was happy to come to this concert, having been offered to her by his boyfriend » – SUNGDAM 


With joy, the young woman discovers that the couple in question was indeed present in the room. SUNGDAM picked up her microphone to continue the concert. Her soft voice immersed the room in a romantic and delicate atmosphere, enhanced by the accompanying instruments. For the next song, “보고 싶어요“, she explained that to write the lyrics for this song she imagined what it feels like when our partner leaves.

In the audience, most people waved their phones to accompany the young singer. Once finished, she expressed her regret at not being able to see the faces of her fans because of the masks they had to wear, due to the virus. Without allowing herself to be put down, she continued with “눈썹달“, song from her mini-album.  


«  This song is as sad as “보고 싶어요” except that we still manage to live normally, but sometimes being prey to melancholy because we don’t remember the face of the person we once had known  » – SUNGDAM  

With this fourth title, we began to identify the musical imprint of the young artist. Continuing in the same line, she sang “솔직 할 용기 가 없어” which is also a song from her album. This song is about a young woman who wants to break up with her boyfriend, but doesn’t do it not wanting to hurt him and look like a bad person, but who then realizes that in the sunlight she misses her boyfriend after all.


She then presented last track, more pop-like than the previous ones, under the complaints of her audience at the prospect that she leaves the stage. Song called “Best Part” is entirely in English. Before her interpretation, she confides in her dreams of collaborations born when she went to a collaboration concert herself. She is therefore happy to be able to achieve this dream with EB on stage.  


The young woman left the stage and it was the latter who replaced her in more hiphop atmosphere, mixing ballads with rap. Just before her appearance, the guest BILY ACOUSTIE performs some of his own songs, before performing “시소” with EB. The young man is surprised to see so many cameras and wishes that the accompanying musicians be applauded because without them the performances wouldn’t be complete.

The voices of the two singers blend well together due to their softness. But as soon as “시소” is finished BILY ACOUSTIE left the stage to make way for EB, who then performed “너의 이름은“. Her voice, a little lower than SUNGDAM, gives her songs a slightly more jazzy atmosphere. The next track was especially good to listen to on a sunny summer day. With the applause of the audience to punctuate “Wanna Know“, the young woman set the tone in the room.

«  On a bus trip during fall, I recommend the song “Young Forever»EB  


She then interpreted this song while inviting the audience to participate by singing the chorus with her. Her powerful rap contrasted once again with the delicate voice of SUNGDAM. She continued with «Hmm», song that is very important to her because it was with what she debuted. She was also surprised when the public told her that they know this song. Due to stage fright, she forgot few words but didn’t allow herself to be caught by stress and continued to sing confidently.


She then announced her latest interpretation, introducing it as her most successful cover on her youtube channel, “아마두“. Again, the audience responded by singing everytime the term 아마두 (perhaps, said in a cute way) was sang. After the song finished SUNGDAM joined her on stage to answer questions from the public, written on post it notes.  

The two young women seem close and joke among themselves while reading the questions. In particular, they had to play a telepathy game where they had to choose between pizza and chicken and answer their favorite dish together, but unfortunately they don’t choose the same answer.

« We met for the first time during a concert and EB came to me to introduce herself  » – SUNGDAM 

Information immediately made EB laugh and she insisted that the opposite has actually happened. Each camp on her position, making laughter of the public, softened by the obvious complicity between the two artists. They finally agreed that their meeting was a stroke of fate, and that they may be soulmates. This is how they decide to sing the title “Soulmate“. They say they have chosen this song because of its lyrics, which they both particularly liked.


They continued with the duo title “Can’t take my eyes off you“. With emotion, they thanked the members who came to attend their concert and expressed hope that the show have pleased everyone. They also thanked each of the musicians. This cover in English charmed the audience who wanted more, saddened that this song was the last one for the evening. Two singers then returned on the stage for another song called “춧불 하나” before definitively closing their concert.


A word from our reporter: “The two young women were able to transmit their freshness and naturalness to the audience with whom they were able to forge links during these two hours of show. The musicians who surrounded them were able to bring authenticity to their performance, which was all the more appreciated to enjoy this cozy evening “.  

Journalist: Anaïs Pillet
Photos: Anaïs Pillet & Waterice
R/C: Alicja

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