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GOT7: Two weeks promotions come to an end.

On May 3rd, GOT7’s promotions for their new album “DYE” have come to an end.

GOT7 on the SBS Inkigayo stage.

During those two-weeks promotions, the group participated in numerous activities such as radio programs as well as collaborations with renowned Youtube channels.

Let’s delve back into this era’s activities!

GOT7 on the KBS Gayo Radio Plaza show with APINK’s EUNJI.

The group has been a guest on various radio shows such as Kim ShinYoung “Noon’s Song Of Hope” on F4MU, Kang Hanna “Volume Up” and Apink’s EUNJI on KBS’s radio channel, the “Cultwo Show”, or on “Idol Radio” where members JB and YOUNGJAE were hosts.

GOT7 also featured on the Weekly Idol and SBS New Late E-News television shows.

The members were able to talk about the group’s journey since 2014; they debunked their lyrics, the songs’ production as well as their choreography all the while teasing each other. They also played games while maintaining their own unique atmosphere.

GOT7 on the SBS Late Night E-News show.

They also have been able to showcase their amazing singing and dancing skills to the fans through aesthetic and diverse performances. Alternating between the songs “Aura”, “Poison” and the single “Not by the moon” on the music shows’ stages or in a series of videos in collaboration with Dingo Music, they won three trophies for their title track on the Show Champion, MCountdown and Music Bank’s broadcasts.

Each member also held their own Q&A session through Vlive. These lives allowed the group to communicate directly with their fans around the world during these uncertain times.

And so, although GOT7 wasn’t able to meet their fans during this two-weeks promotions, the group was still able to share with them a few laughs through various activities.

They shared laughs with their fans while trying to accomplish various hilarious challenges in the videos of 1theK or Pikicast youtube channels and were able to celebrate the anniversary of BAMBAM during a vlive closing the two intense weeks on May 2nd.

Promotional pictures from their Pikicast collaboration video; from left to right: GOT7 JB, MARK, JACKSON, JINYOUNG, YOUNGJAE, BAMBAM & YUGYEOM.

The two weeks of promotion were a success; in addition to these three victories, the album “DYE” and its single “Not by the moon” broke many records.

The group dominated the charts of 50+ countries and thanks to skyrocketing album sales, they were able to set a new record, beating any artists of the company they are signed under.

The title track’s music video has also exceeded 30 million views on youtube.

This come-back has once again confirmed to the public that GOT7’s diversity and flexibility music and concept-wise is one of a kind.

GOT7 celebrating their MCountdown win; from left to right: GOT7 MARK, YOUNGJAE, YUGYEOM, JB, BAMBAM, JACKSON & JINYOUNG.

GOT7’s members also outdid themselves in solo activities: JINYOUNG‘s new drama, When My Love Blooms, passed the 5% ratings on several of its episodes. The drama’s OST, sung by YOUNGJAE, climbed on both Korean and international charts.

GOT7 celebrating BAMBAM’s birthday; from left to right: GOT7 JINYOUNG, JAEBEOM, JACKSON, BAMBAM, YUGYEOM, YOUNGJAE & MARK.

The two weeks were short but filled with activities, wonderful performances and GOT7’s unique energy. The fans came together to celebrate the ending of said promotions in the most beautiful way thanks to the hashtags #HappyToHaveGOT7 et #BelieveInBambamDay, both of which were trended the entire day.

The group finally released on its official social media accounts the first episode of a diary like series of videos called “DYEARY”, which would sum up the behind the scenes of said promotions.

Congratulations to GOT7 and their fans for these two intense yet successful weeks!

What were your favorite moments of the “DYE” comeback?

You can find the members’ Q&A vlives, dance practices and the Idol Radio show here: LIEN

The videos from Dingo Music LIEN, Pikicast LIEN, 1theK LIEN, StudioK LIEN and other radio and tv shows are available on Youtube.

Translator: Lilies
Journalist: Lilies
Source: NAVER, GOT7 SNS.

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