Saturday, September 30, 2023
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LAY: Between tradition and modernism.

LAY, member of the group EXO, will release their new solo album “LIT“.


LAY will release their fourth solo album, “LIT“, on June 1st, which is based on their previous lives and future generations. The agency said: “It consists of part 1 featuring songs of the genre “Mix-Mandarin-Pop (M-POP)”, which adds a western style of music to traditional Chinese music, and the part 2 where you can meet the association of fashionable titles with modern music.

LAY will release Part.1 on June 1 and perform six songs, including the title “Lit“. Thereafter, the album will be released as an album combined with part 2.

lay 1

In addition, LAY pre-released their new song “玉 Jade” on their new solo album on May 20th, and received positive responses, notably leading China’s largest music site, QQMusic, in the news charts. trendy songs and titles.

Journalist: Shawn
Transltator: Shawn
Source: SNS SM Entertainment

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